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    Establishment time

    8000ten thousand

    Registered capital

    About Us

    About Us
    • 2009
      Shenzhen Xinjianlong Trading Co., Ltd. was founded with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. Shenzhen Xinjianlong Group was established as the first trading company in Guangdong Province.
    • The company's first business project successfully signed the well-known brand Sharp, Samsung, and officially started Sharp TV, Samsung air conditioning in eastern Guangdong and Western Guangdong regional operations.
    • Once again, we have reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Sharp, continue to expand the regional sales of Sharp LED and Sharp air purifier, and the business of Xinjianlong is booming.
    • Continue to expand the scope of business, successfully signed the regional sales qualifications of Samsung LED, Samsung air purifier, annual sales exceeded 100 million, Xinjianlong entered the road of rapid development.
      September 2014
    • Market Operating Right of Hitachi Brand Air Conditioner and Panasonic Brand Refrigerator
      November 2015
    • Adding Heavy Brand SONY to the Campaign
      March 2016
    • Mitsubishi air conditioning market management rights, further improve the product line operation.
      October 2018
    • With Wenzhou Fuhuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a global marketing center of Shuangjiekang Intelligent Toilet has been established, which has officially entered a healthy era of smart home.
      July 2019