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    About Us

    About Us

    Ten years of ingenuity and resurgence

    Dreams and realities pass on, efforts and struggles continue. In 2009, Xinjianlong started sailing in Shenzhen, and has traveled for ten years. Ten years, for the long river of history, it is only a small spray. But for Xinjianlong, ten years is the witness of yesterday's storms and the seal of growth.

    Looking back over the past ten years, we have been committed to the operation and sales of well-known household appliances at home and abroad. We have maintained a steady growth momentum of performance for a long time. We uphold the marketing concept of "high quality and good price, customer first", so that users can truly experience products and services with high cost performance and guaranteed services. Over the past ten years, we have established a close and good cooperative relationship with the vast number of businessmen with the enterprise purpose of "serving consumers wholeheartedly", which is deeply trusted by consumers. In terms of management, we have actively strengthened team building, established a sound business operation model, and stepped into the road of rapid and steady development. We have met the expectations of the public, and continuously achieved remarkable results. In promoting the service construction of life experience convenience, Xinjianlong persevered and made great efforts to submit a questionnaire to satisfy consumers.

    Ten years reprinted, another journey. At present, with the rapid development of information technology and science and technology, people's concept of pursuing quality of life has changed. Intelligence has gradually become the trend of development, and the most popular one is the intelligent toilet industry. The emergence of smart toilet is a major breakthrough and opportunity for reform in the field of sanitary ware. It can be said that the smart toilet, with its unique technological advantages, completely overthrows the traditional concept of sanitary ware and caters to the pursuit of high quality of life in the large market environment. Therefore, as a new health industry, there is no doubt that the future development prospects of intelligent toilets are promising.

    In order to keep up with the trend and opportunities of the times, in July 2019, Shenzhen Xinjianlong and Wenzhou Fuhuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of "Shuangjiekang" global marketing center. This strong alliance is a solid step for Xinjianlong to base itself on the big health industry and develop the cause of human health.

    "De Li the world, Xinxing Jiuzhou". Whether it is running household appliances or smart toilets, Xinjianlong always takes consumers as the core of its service, providing consumers with "comprehensive, fast, professional, thoughtful and convenient" product marketing services, so as to win consumers'satisfaction with our dedication and profession.

    Ten years of hard work, all the honors and affirmations give Xinjianlong unprecedented momentum and responsibility. "Dapeng rises in the wind and rocks up to 90,000 miles a day." In the ten years of Xinjianlong, we have made great efforts to forge the brand of Xinjianlong today and laid the foundation of Xinjianlong for one hundred years. Looking forward to the future, all colleagues of Xinjianlong will be ready to go all the way!

    In the next ten years, we look forward to concentrating on win-win situation and starting a new and brilliant journey.

    General manager: