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    Reservation service



    Delivery service

    The company's products are delivered by XX logistics express delivery. The system automatically distributes logistics express delivery. It can't specify logistics and express delivery. Delivery within 48 hours after placing an order. The delivery time of the activity period and the pre-sale products is based on the release of the page.


    Installation service

    After receiving the goods, customers can contact online customer service or call the national unified after-sales hotline 400-686-8855. Within 48 hours, local professional installers will actively contact customers and provide free installation services on their doorsteps.


    After-sale service


    If there is no reason to return or exchange goods within 7 days, you can apply for refund or exchange goods within 7 days after signing and receiving.

    7 days no reason to return and exchange goods: customers need to ensure that the products and packaging are intact, the outsourced assembly is complete, not installed and used, does not affect the second sale; return freight charges to be borne by customers, details can be consulted online customer service.